Managing Director

Thabang Mbembele Thabang is an Industry Leader who has a strong passion and ambition for the construction industry, his passion propelled him to pursue a qualification in quantity surveying, BSc in Quantity Surveying and further qualified in Facilities Management, Intensive Project Management and Quality Management Systems amongst others. Thabang began his career in the private sector and due to proven experience, he qualified to hold a leading position at one of the SOE’s in South Africa.

He has over seventeen (17) years’ hands-on experience in the construction industry managing and directing projects and operations for overall project success.

Having gained this experience and networking in the construction sector, Thabang decided to start a business. Pro-Serve Consulting was an idea born in 2007 as a closed corporation called Pro-Serve and Associates CC which was later incorporated as a Pty Ltd in 2009.

Thabang is a professional, experienced construction project manager (PrCPM), a professional mentor (PrCMentor) and a businessman in the construction industry. Not only is he driven by the love of buildings and passion for business but he strongly believes in contributing to building people’s dreams, the communities he serves and the country at large. For this reason, Thabang decided to spare time out of his business and invest in human capital by forming part of few mentors in the construction industry who are transferring the skills and knowledge to the future professionals for absolutely no financial benefit for himself nor his business. His proven track record in mentorship and being one of the few industry corporates that are instrumental in building technical capacity for the National Department of Public Works and Infrastructure over the past years. Pro-Serve’s slogan – “Positive impact today for Tomorrow” best describes how he feels about developing the youth and sustainability in all aspects.

Thabang enjoys conversing with individuals who know exactly what they want professionally and personally. He derives satisfaction from helping people design specific performance objectives for their personal growth. He realizes each individuals’ interests, motivations, desires, fears, and workstyles are different and he honors that. He believes understanding a person’s ambitions gives him an insight into the type of support, training, experiences, partnerships and nurturing he or she needs to thrive. This distinguishes him as a good mentor and is evident from his workforce consisting of young professionals who are continually equipped to upgrade from the candidature to professional status. Thabang feels it’s best, to be honest with goals, achievements, talents, skills, education, successes, experiences or background as he is much happier when he does not pretend to be someone else.

Thabang attracts many people with his optimistic outlook on life, he has an imagination that allows him to peer into the future and see possibilities. He knows what does or says to make individuals feel valued, appreciated and important and this gives insight into the rapid growth of Proserve Consulting. Because of his good team workability, Thabang has achieved cooperation in working teams by understanding that people have a different view on opportunities, problems, and solutions. Although he stands for what is right he is willing to hear and accept people’s views where they surpass his reasoning. He implements their suggestions, recommendations, or advice to good use. He is very attracted to ideas that enhance the ability of people to get along with one another.

Thabang is exceptionally talented in turning words into action. He is thrilled to engage people in a friendly exchange of ideas. He shows his interest in people by asking questions about the key points a person is making. He enjoys determining what should be done by himself and others and once that has been determined he wastes no time in putting concepts into action.

Thabang views reliability is a very important factor. He is willing to achieve accountability for tasks, projects, assignments or commitments and complete them in a friendly and pleasant manner. Sometimes he feels obliged to honor commitments even if he is inconvenienced. This partially explains why he insists on doing things correctly. Thabang instinctively expects to be held accountable for the work he produces. Therefore, he strives to do things right the first time and prefers to produce quality work instead of being the first to complete a task. He has gained a lot of respect from his co-workers on various projects because they realize that he is committed to meet deadlines, keeping promises and paying attention to details. By nature, he conducts himself in a legal, ethical and upright manner to avoid feeling that he has done something wrong. He set high standards for himself in all areas of his life.

Resultant to his rich experience acquired over the years of his career and business, Thabang has recently been appointed to serve on the Advisory Board of FNB Business in Tshwane. He is also the current chairman of the CPD Committee of the Association of Construction Project Managers (ACPM). His personality, strengths and professional passion and achievements have set him up for future success.


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