Our Corporate Purpose

Pro-Serve’s vision is to have an impact today for tomorrow. It is to become a premier Construction Consulting and Advisory Company that contributes to the sustainable growth of the economy through the development of infrastructure.

We partner with our clients to maximize the ultimate value of their investments. We do this with various Government Departments and other State-owned Enterprises in the private sector as well as for various municipalities and government regionally and nationally.

Pro-Serve assists our clients to construct tangible value that enhances people’s lives and contributes to a better tomorrow.


To be passionate about our work and all the projects that we undertake.

To celebrate success – recognising and rewarding the achievements of individuals and project teams.

To strive for continuous improvement and novelty in all that we do.

To strive for exceptional quality in everything that we do.

To provide the ultimate Professional Construction Consulting Service in all that we do.

To empower our talented people and enable them to take the initiative in every project we work on.

It goes without saying that the quality of work produced by ProServe during the assessment of facilities which were identified as potential quarantine and isolation sites is of high standards and is commendable.