PRO-SERVE is committed to create meaningful, tangible and enduring value for its clients and partners and the communities in which they operate and for the eventual good of the country.

The company’s brand character is permeated by its strong passion in issues with respect to built environment. Building in this context extends to the organisations fundamental responsibility to contribute to improving the quality of lives of individuals and communities in South Africa through its Corporate Social responsibility ( CSI)


To create equilibrium across the value chain of business profitability,
sustainability and social responsibility.

To be a leading innovative and influential socio-economic development organization.

ProServe seeks to positively contribute to the welfare of individual and communities it serves within the country.

  • Impact on individuals – ProServe is committed to the development of skills among previously disadvantaged individuals by offering training and internship programs.
  • Impact on the communities – ProServe is committed to address the
    unemployment problem by creating job opportunities for people in the
    communities in which we operate.
  • Impact on our country – ProServe is a significant contributor to BBBEE and transforming the industry


Pro-Serve is passionate about skills development for the youth and disadvantaged people in the country. This is well reflected in the training, internship and mentoring programmes the company offers. Through skills development a lot of potential is unlocked and a lot of opportunities are realised. the company’s commitment to education and mentor for the transfer of skills is a priority and is implemented on every project it undertakes.

ProServe is committed to address one of the major challenges the country is facing with is youth unemployment. the company does this by creating job opportunities for people in the communities in which it operates during a project. the company’s skills development programme is interlinked with its economic and socio-economic strategy in a sense that after skills development, where there is desirable traits identified, the company absorbs such people into its workforce. This is paramount for the sub-contract agreements that the company enters into.

Through socio-economic development ProServe believes in focusing on investing in and uplifting communities through education, sustainable projects, health awareness and improvement when delivering quality projects. ProServe reaches maximum satisfaction when it leave the community in which it operated with skilled individuals who are able to earn a living, it’s mentees becoming professionals and it’s interns joining the workforce. the company believes in not just completing projects on time, scope, quality and budget but leaving a legacy behind and transforming lives.

Sustainability of of paramount importance to ProServe and it ensures that this is
reflected on all of its operations. The company ensures that its operations promote environmental sustainability in all its projects. ProServe engages the professional team on designs, materials and methods of construction that are sustainable on every project it undertakes because it values reduction of any possible direct and indirect negative environmental impact from the activities conducted and to utilise environmental resources sustainably.